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About MyBoDguard

Welcome to MyBoDguard, your one-stop shop for protection and education in today’s difficult environment. 

Who We Are

  • Our biggest enemy today is ignorance. Dr. Isaac offers 30 years of medical and surgical experience and can teach you how to use these products correctly. We will try to answer some of today’s questions to make you feel more comfortable at home, work or other areas of your daily life.

 Our Mission Statement

  • A friendly company offering top of the line products for personal protection equipment against common pathogens, where personal attention to education and learning are a cardinal part of our goal.
  • A company where you can not only buy safety prevention kits for your car, home or office, but also travel kits that are ready to fly. You can customize your kits, buy refills or just individual products, buy a single item or a case. We can also print your logo to all the kits.
  • Our medical and surgical background will help our clientele fight myths and misunderstandings in todays complex world. The well prepared will do better in the future. Give your family, customers or coworkers the gift of knowledge and safety.

What We Offer

  • We offer top of the line products that have been proven to be effective when used correctly.
  • You may be able to find lower priced products on the market, but when talking about your protection, we want you to have effective and quality items you feel safe using.
  • We offer a variety of products including some alcohol and bleach free, safe for the young and the old, safe for your household, office, car and pets.
  • We also provide a direct line of communication, with frequently asked Q&A, educational videos and email for feedback.