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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a mask?
My mask protects you; your mask protects me. Covering your mouth and nose (not just your mouth) can reduce your secretions by 60-95%. Wear a mask, it's the polite thing to do!

Do I really need this safety kit?
We are just in the first 4 months of a major pandemic. The USA has the most cases documented in the world.  Pandemics usually last 2+ years. The best way to be protected and proactive is to prevent transmission and avoid being infected before we can create immunity.

How is the virus transmitted?
It is transmitted by direct contact of respiratory secretions and possibly other body fluids like stool. Transmission can occur not only through direct contact with an infected person but through contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus where it can survive for days.

There are a lot of asymptomatic carriers (people who have the virus but have no symptoms); we have to assume everyone is a carrier during the pandemic and stay safe.

What is the recommended way to be protected from the virus?
Avoid contact with infected people and surfaces, practice social distancing and use personal protection. Perform frequent and adequate hand washing followed by hand sanitizer. Wear an adequate mask in enclosed areas and avoid touching contaminated surfaces with your bare hands. If you feel sick or have a fever, stay at home and call your health care provider.

Please visit for more information on how to protect yourself from Covid-19 and other diseases.

How do I care for my mask?
Wash your hands and sanitize them before removing your mask. Keep your mask in a protected area (Ziplock bag or closed container with your name on it) if you are planning to reuse it. Follow the guidelines of each mask before reusing. You may be able to sanitize some masks for reuse.

What should I do when I travel by airplane?

  • Check what each airline is doing, some are safer than others. The good ones are using filters for air exchange, are cleaning and sanitizing the entire aircraft and are not using the middle seats. The primary danger is getting safely to your seat. Wear gloves and a good mask at all times in the airport. Avoid crowds. Keep your mask on at least 15 minutes after your plane departs (to allow one air exchange). Depart the aircraft wearing gloves and mask until you are out of the airport.
  • We recommend a mask/shield combo for extra security and comfort.

What are other places with increased risk? What should I do?

  • The healthcare clinic: wear gloves and a level 1 or N95 mask during your visit. Do NOT remove it while in the office. Try to avoid long waits in the office, ask to be paged or notified by text when the doctor is ready to see you. Wash and sanitize your hands before leaving the building.
  • The supermarket, post office, hardware store and other establishments where people are touching all products and maybe coughing on them. You are better off just wearing mask and gloves.

I have had Covid-19 already, Do I have to follow all these guidelines?
Yes, these are universal protections against this pandemic and others like the seasonal flu. We are not sure if people will be infected twice. Better to be safe and protected.